Feed A Cancer Patient

You can do one better this year by providing food for one of our patients. Many of our patients can’t fast; poverty has left them malnourished and in desperate need of a warm meal. For them to have a fighting chance at recovery, we need to strengthen their bodies with the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to beat cancer. Can you help us feed them this year?

Many of our patients travel long distances to come to hospitals and face financial difficulty in a big city that is strange to them. Most are too poor to afford food.

Cancer patients need strength because often they aren’t just fighting cancer, they’re also fighting the side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments. Getting the right food and supplements is essential for preventing and managing additional problems like:

The last symptom is very common; many of our patients suffer from a loss of appetite and even have trouble keeping down their food. They may need to be drip-fed and given the supplements they require intravenously.

Imagine having to face all this at once. By choosing to donate a meal, you are helping us meet the special dietary needs of cancer patients at hospitals, giving them the strength and energy they need to fight cancer.