Sponsor A Breast Cancer Patient

Breast cancer is highly curable if detected early. Mammograms can diagnose and even prevent breast-cancer. In India, where the incidence of breast cancer is rising each year, many women who are at high risk cannot afford regular mammograms. Your monthly gift can provide a free mammogram for one woman each month, ensuring they receive treatment as soon as they need it.

With your support, one person facing a fatal disease can get the help they need. By sponsoring the full or partial treatment of a poor patient, you can ensure he/she receives the best cancer care available in India. Sponsor a cancer patient today so we can give them good news and hope, at this critical time.

Many of us can’t afford to give as much this year. That’s why we’re coming together to donate what we can towards a big cause with perpetual blessings.

Today, the battle to save lives continues. Please give generously to support poor cancer patients across Tamil Nadu and India.

Help fund the future by making a donation. Every Rs fuels our collective goal to end breast cancer.

Thank you so much for donating.