Sponsor A Child Patient

He is one of many children whose parents were faced with a devastation twofold when he was diagnosed: the potentially deadly disease their child was suffering from; and the reality that they couldn’t afford the care their child needed.

Being diagnosed with cancer can seem like the end of the world to anyone. For a child in India, whose family lacks the means to afford treatment, it really can be. where upholding our duty to the poor, the orphan and children in need forms a cornerstone of our faith, this shouldn’t happen.

Through sponsorship, our donors helped cover all the diagnostic and therapeutic hospital fees of their sponsored child patients. These ranged from the cost of radiation and chemotherapy services, to surgical theatre and medication fees. For a poor child facing cancer, this meant a real chance at survival. By sponsoring a child patient today, you will be covering the full or partial treatment of his/her treatment. You will be ensuring he/she receives the best cancer care available in India.

Your child’s sponsorship depends on the cost of his/her treatment. The cost of treatment will vary from one patient to another. It will depend on the type of cancer a child patient has and the type of treatment required.

Many of us can’t afford to give as much this year. That’s why we’re coming together to donate what we can towards a big cause with perpetual blessings.

Today, the battle to save lives continues. Please give generously to support poor cancer patients across Tamil Nadu and India.

Thank you so much for donating.